There is no denying that some Internet ads and video commercials can be helpful and steer people toward making a good buyer’s choice. However, in most cases, they are nothing but a major waste of time that distracts and annoys with its low quality, kills the fun of watching a good movie, and turns a seemingly simple task of finding some bit of information online into a bothersome chore.


With the help of our free and intelligent DuolWals browser extension, you will never again have to sit through another dumb promo video or risk accidentally clicking on bait and being redirected to a different site. Your web-surfing experience will be as smooth, safe, and uninterrupted as it can be – all without the need to complete a time-consuming registration process!

Tailor your browsing experience to your unique needs and wants.

By installing our free DuolWals browser extension tool, you will not only rid yourself of irritating ads but will also significantly enhance the safety of your data. Our software is smart enough to recognize a dangerous or scammy website and stop it from ever catching your eye.


However, what truly sets the DuolWals browser extension apart from other similar programs is how customizable it is. You can adjust the settings according to your current needs and decide which resources can show ads to you and which ones should better be forgotten altogether.

What you will get

Here is what you will get with the DuolWals browser extension:

No pop-up ads/banners whatsoever

Smooth and uninterrupted video-watching experience

No delay in the page uploading time

A secure Internet-browsing environment free from trackers and scams

Protection against redirects, baitclicking, overlays, and other dirty marketing tricks

Confidentiality is guaranteed.

We take your privacy concerns seriously and do our best to ensure your personal information stays safe. Non-identifiable technical data is all we can get from you, and the rest is protected by our ultra-modern encryption system. Feel free to learn more about our Privacy Policy or familiarize yourself with our End-user license agreement.

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